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Comfort is the key to enjoying cycling. At Reckless our goal is an enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. We explain solutions in language you can understand.

Our friendly staff will help you choose the right bike and accessories to fit your requirements. We stay up-to-date on the latest technology, but aren’t afraid to recommend the tried and true either. Our approach will make your cycling purchases sensible investments in a rewarding activity.


We make it easy for you to keep your new Reckless bike in optimum riding condition by including a free year of service. We check for brake alignment, cable tightness, and air pressure. We also oil the chain and moving parts and give the bike a good clean. As well, we encourage you to come in soon after you've bought your bike, so we can fine-tune your new bicycle.

No matter where you bought your bike, when you bring it to Reckless, you enjoy peace-of-mind. Every bicycle in our shop gets the same care and attention. Even if you’re not looking for repairs, remember, at Reckless, air, oil, and water are always free!

Our Warranty

At Reckless, we guarantee two things:

1) Your bike will be the right bike for you!
2) You will be completely happy with it!

Getting you exactly the right bike is what we’re all about. You're not a one-size-fits-all type of person. That’s why we're not a one-size-fits-all type of place. We offer free exchange of handlebars, stem, tires, and saddle (within the same price range). We ensure everything on your new bike is a perfect fit and you have a truly great ride. If you're not completely happy, then neither are we. That's the principle of our no-hassle warranty. No sale is final until you are satisfied (with 60 days to get to know your new bike).

Because of the wide range of bikes, parts, the exact type of manufacturers’ warranty will vary bike to bike. At Reckless, you can rest assured if something truly goes wrong with any component on your bike, it will be resolved through the manufacturer as soon as possible, so that you can get back to riding.

Our Service Truck

Paul and Maximilian Dragan, at your service.

Out on your bike and suddenly get a flat? If you’re anywhere near a big blue van with the Reckless logo on the side, help is close at hand! It’s the Reckless Service Van–helping stranded urban riders with flat tires and other mechanical troubles!
You'll see it parked outside our stores, spilling out some ambient grooves for passersby, or around Stanley Park, and the streets of Victoria.

We also help many service clubs, non-profit organizations and bike groups with their ‘two-wheeled’ events. We offer bike checks and technical support for many triathlons, duathlons, and other bike events in the Lower Mainland and Victoria as well. If you'd like to see our Service Van at your next event, please contact Paul at